Let the Sun shine — combating Vitamin D deficiency in Washington

We all know Vitamin D comes from sun exposure —and that it’s hard to find that glowing orb shining for long in Washington’s fall and winter months.

A daily dose of bright, direct, midday sun is the ideal way to get our Vitamin D, and that is just not happening this time of year. Even if the sun were shining hot and bright, it takes direct sunlight on a good portion of skin, not just the hands and face, to enable our bodies to produce the Vitamin D we need to stay healthy.

Given that researchers have discovered that Vitamin D affects every cell and tissue in the body, this sunshine deficiency adds up to a Vitamin D deficiency fast. With Vitamin D playing a crucial role in heart, brain, reproductive and immune health, as well as affecting sleep and mood disorders, many have determined that supplementation is vital. More and more doctors are checking their patient’s Vitamin D levels and recommending vitamin D supplementation.

We carry several brands of Vitamin D in a variety of forms. If you are confused about what is best for you and your family, just ask us. We will help you let the sun shine in all year long!

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